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IFS Broker

As supply chains become increasingly globalized, shifts are occurring in how raw materials and products are sourced. IFS Broker sets out to ensure product safety and quality by building bridges between production and distribution. This quality standard checks that stakeholders are implementing the appropriate measures within their departments to ensure that suppliers operate in compliance with product safety and quality requirements.

Source: IFS

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Agriculture Biologique certification serves as proof that an operator has successfully passed mandatory checks. Organic products are then labelled with the ‘European organic’ and ‘AB’ logos, which are easily identifiable by consumers and guarantee compliance with European rules and regulations on organic farming.

Agriculture Biologique certification is aimed at all companies in the agri-food sector: farmers, food processers, distributors/retailers/wholesalers, as well as preparers, importers, exporters, and storage and transportation operators. It allows companies to stand out from the competition while reassuring consumers that products have been made in accordance with organic farming methods.

Source: AFNOR

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The Fairtrade/Max Havelaar organization set up a stringent certification and inspection system aimed at helping companies meet their goals and guaranteeing consumers products that have been grown and produced in compliance with fairtrade criteria. Farming/growing cooperatives, plantations, exporters, importers, raw material processors, and companies that manufacture finished goods: all stakeholders across the supply chain are bound by a set of specifications and undergo regular checks and inspections.

Source: Max Havelaar

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This label indicates that a certified ingredient or product has been produced using methods in step with the three cornerstones of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. Independent third-party auditing bodies ⁠— a crucial component of any certifying scheme ⁠— assess farmers and growers based on the criteria for these three pillars before either awarding or renewing their certification.

Source: Rainforest Alliance

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