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France’s national cross-sector fruit juice union, the Union Nationale Interprofessionnelle des Jus de Fruits (UNIJUS), was set up in 1936 ahead of the 1938 decree that regulated the French fruit juice and nectar industry, before shifting its activities to align with a Europe-wide vision.

The union was set up by businesses that were initially artisanal, before major expansion efforts that resulted in them becoming industry leaders.

Today, UNIJUS brings together thirty-odd members that represent the sector in its entirety.

UNIJUS’ missions:

  • Promoting the nutritional qualities and health benefits of fruit juices among opinion leaders and consumers;
  • Sparking economic, technical, and analytical collective action, notably with a view to improving fruit juice quality and health safety;
  • Representing the fruit juice sector in dealings with French, European, and international authorities;
  • Keeping members informed and up-to-date on all technical, commercial, regulatory, and legislative aspects of their business.


Source: Unijus

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