Fruits délice

Supporting fruit juice businesses in developing their own-brand strategy

Our strengths
Fruits délice

Our strengths

In step with high-end brands, we hire IFS- and/or BRC-certified production lines, bridging the gap between growers and distributors.
Ever since we first launched in 1991, achieving excellence in customer satisfaction and service has been central to our philosophy.
The role we play within the sector led to us joining France’s national cross-sector fruit juice union, the Union Nationale Interprofessionnelle des Jus de Fruits (UNIJUS).


Our packaging

While we specialize in content, we’re no strangers to packaging. We hire production lines while maintaining close-knit ties with packaging suppliers, and embrace cutting-edge innovation in design, recycling, and using bio-sourced and eco-designed materials.
From cardboard and plastic to glass and aluminum, we offer different types of packaging ranging from 200 ml single-serving formats to 2-litre family sizes.

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    Fruits délice

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